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Łukasz Tyrała

Hello world,

I strategise / design / craft: (i) information, (ii) interactions, and (iii) interfaces for products and services in the context of technology, business, and people by employing system/abstract thinking, sustainability, and empathy, to deliver great UX and positive outcomes for people. This is my website.

I am driven by curiosity and constant learning. I work with integrity, attention to detail, and humility toward the complexity of our world and humans.

I strongly believe in the power of research, conceptualisation, creativity, and collaboration, all modelled around a process of forming ideas, making decisions and fast execution to learn based on experimentation.

I am based in Kraków but I work across time and space.

Work experience. Currently: Principal Designer at Grafana LabsPreviously: Head of User Experience & Product Design at TVN Discovery ✻ Senior Service Designer at aktan.fr ✻ Lead UX Designer and Digital Product Manager at miastologia.pl ✻ User Experience Design Director at VML Poland ✻ Front-end Developer at Creative Style ☙ 15 years of professional design and IT experience.

Teaching. Educator and mentor at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Warsaw & Katowice) ❦ Educator at Faculty of Humanities (AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków).

Public speaking & workshops: Google Launchpad, Element Urban Talks, UX Poland, 4Developers, Creative Mornings, WUD Kraków (×5), Customer & User Experience Seminary, Internet Beta (2012) + 16 other gigs.

Work areas and professional interests: systems and abstract thinking, design direction, digital transformation, design critique, conceptualisation, design thinking, product management, ux research, content strategy, information architecture (ia), interaction design (ixd), user interface (ui), user experience (ux), service design, creativity and learning.

My inbox is open for education, mentorship, and speaking gigs: lukasz at tyra·la

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