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Headless systems are here, and they have a significant impact on the design:

  1. With headless systems, information architecture and content strategy are more critical because badly though content structures or missing content blocks can spoil all the advantages of the headless system.
  2. For designers designing for headless CMS is really a content-first challenge. The content becomes the queen – finally.
  3. As there is no visual or presentation layer in mind when designing headless systems, it is tempting to skip the design. This can happen due to a lack of awareness of IT managers, that design is not only UI.
  4. Information architecture resurfaces with the headless approach.
  5. We should look at the headless architecture as a manifestation of what many designers had been pointing out in the past – that we need to design systems to be modular, flexible, with users goals in mind, and thinking about the content first.

In the end, headless content management systems can save digital design as being visual and UI relevant only.

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