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Two sequences of digital products (part 1, creation and reasoning sequences). Going from nothing to something is how we create. To create good things, we need to understand what is the something that we will be doing.

Working on digital products is teamwork. Work needs organisation. Products are being delivered. People buy and use products. It is a sequence (creation sequence) that must happen to move from nothing by nobody to something for someone.

The creation sequence does not have to be a linear, waterfall, or even considered done definitely (in fact, it should not be). The direction always is: moving from nothing toward done.

There is a sequence that moves in a different direction. A reasoning sequence. To have a team that works to deliver something, we first must understand what people, users at the end of the creation sequence, need to help them with their jobs by providing products.

We have movement in two directions. What is more, there are various dimensions of the delivery. In organisations, different teams and different people own the dimensions. (More about it next time in part 2.)

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