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Good visualisation is not a pretty component but a pretty information. When designing a visualisation, we must focus on what we want people to see, not the component's overall appeal.

Designers like to look at visualisations and charts as a whole picture, a piece of design. By doing so, they focus on the general aesthetics and visual appeal of a graph.

Visualisation as a tool is about providing a context for information that is worth surfacing and attracting attention. Usually, the best pieces of information to notice on the charts are trends, outliers, groups, clusters, etc. They make a fraction of the whole visualisation component. Thus it is hard for a good it to be visually appealing as a whole.

Well designed visualisations consider:

  1. Good data as a foundation.
  2. Role of perception at influencing what we notice or how hard it is to understand visualisation.
  3. Visual tasks and how we decode graphs.
  4. Channels that represent the data.
  5. Intention and bias of people putting.

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