Design office of
Łukasz Tyrała


Every project, team, and organisation is different, but some things stay constant. Below is a list of things I find true or important: my tenets and guiding principles.

  1. Family and friends are most important. Life needs balance. We are social beings.
  2. Learning is a lifetime activity. Curiosity gives momentum.
  3. Good questions are more interesting than readily available answers.
  4. Understanding is more important than tools.
  5. Progress over a process. Process over assumptions and how we did it before.
  6. Every job needs a pursuit of perfection—which is unreachable. Good enough is enough.
  7. The big picture is a starting point for crafting details.
  8. Trust, honesty, and transparency must be a part of every collaboration.
  9. Every business is about profit, but money should never be the ultimate goal.
  10. The best things are created by teams. Individuals make a difference.
  11. Everyone is creative. Execution is priceless. Ideas are worthless, but the good ones are rare.
  12. People can do great things, but they need the support of environments that provide them with psychological safety.
  13. Every person must be treated with respect. Apart from hateful bigots.
  14. Nothing is simple, but we can make things clear. That is design.

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